Custom Game Modes

HITMAPS provides custom (and retired) game modes for all players, either via a website or a custom HITMAN server implementation.

To use a custom game mode in-game, simply download the server patcher, select gm.hitmaps.com in the dropdown, and launch the game.

Community Servers are not approved or supported by IO Interactive, so do not contact them for any issues. Instead, contact HITMAPS.

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Initially based on Kotti's Hitman Roulette, the HITMAPS™ Roulette website takes Kotti's work and builds off of it to add new features, including:

  • Tournament Mode: Create a head-to-head matchup against your friend (or rival). Set up match durations and send the spin to your opponent via read-only spin links. These links automatically refresh each time a new spin is sent.
  • Fine-tuned Control: Don't like a specific kill condition, but don't want to lose the rest of the spin? Simply re-spin the specific condition.
  • Stream Overlay: Using the tournament mode, you can copy a link to add as a browser source in OBS to provide a professional overlay for your streams / YouTube videos.

Also available is the HITMAPS™ In-Game Roulette, which takes the core of the HITMAPS™ Roulette website and brings it directly in-game. This allows you to see spin conditions in-game, and be instantly notified when you fail. With 16 billion+ possible contracts, there's an almost endless number of ways to take out your targets.

HITMAPS™ Roulette: The official roulette of Roulette Rivals

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Ghost Mode

Web HITMAN™ HITMAN™ 2 HITMAN™ World of Assassination
Ghost Mode Image

Ghost Mode, a multiplayer game mode originally released as part of HITMAN™ 2, has returned to HITMAN™ 2 and HITMAN™ World of Assassination on the HITMAPS custom server! You and a friend can connect to the server and invite each other to a friendly Ghost Mode match using Steam's invite system. Matchmaking is not supported.

World of Assassination Users

In order to enjoy Ghost Mode within HITMAN™ World of Assassination, you must install a mod to your game. Installation instructions are provided on the linked page.

Visit NexusMods

The following maps are supported for Ghost Mode:


  • Miami
  • Santa Fortuna

HITMAN™ World of Assassination

  • Hawke's Bay (via mod)
  • Miami
  • Santa Fortuna


Web HITMAN™ HITMAN™ 2 HITMAN™ World of Assassination
Taskmaster Image

Taskmaster is an in-game game mode that takes a different spin on the main missions. Instead of being tasked with eliminating targets, you are instead tasked to complete various tasks on the map, such as collecting items, applying disguises, and perhaps causing some mayhem from time to time.

Taskmaster is heavily inspired by Providence Community's HITMAN Bingo, where a majority of the tasks for Taskmaster are taken from.

The following missions are supported for Taskmaster:

  • The Showstopper (Paris)
  • World of Tomorrow (Sapienza)
  • A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh)
  • Club 27 (Bangkok)
  • Freedom Fighters (Colorado)
  • Situs Inversus (Hokkaido)
  • The Finish Line (Miami)
  • Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna)
  • Chasing A Ghost (Mumbai)
  • Another Life (Whittleton Creek)
  • The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail)
  • Golden Handshake (New York)
  • The Last Resort (Haven Island)
  • On Top Of The World (Dubai)
  • Death In The Family (Dartmoor)
  • Apex Predator (Berlin)
  • End of an Era (Chongqing)
  • The Farewell (Mendoza)
  • Shadows in the Water (Ambrose Island)

Our Official Partners

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Frote's Speedrun Community

HITMAPS™ is pleased to be partnered with Frote's Speedrun Community (F7SC). HITMAPS™ has helped to promote events hosted by F7SC since Speedrun Competition 2, including providing server infrastructure and a custom-tailored tournament mode for Roulette Rivals tournaments.

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Roulette Rivals Player Statistics

HITMAPS™ is pleased to be partnered with Roulette Rivals Player Stats (aka "RRStats"). RRStats provides various APIs for HITMAPS™ to utilize during Roulette Rivals tournaments (which take place in Frote's Speedrun Community).

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